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After a mission, Oliver worries that Thea will kill someone. She tells him to bugger off.

It's Felicity's first day back at Palmer Tech. Oliver gets her a fern.

Jessica Danforth saw what the Green Arrow did, picking up The Arrow's mantle, and she decides to take up Moira's by running for Mayor.

Things at Palmer Tech are a mess. Curtis Holt has come up with an algorithm that will deduce how to adequately fire the right people to maximize profit.

At Jessica's announcement, anarchy breaks loose. By way of the man we know will be Anarky. Jessica wonders how Oliver is so able to help her. Self Defense classes.

Except he's hit by a car in pursuit of the dude. Amazingly not hurt, though. Oliver buys the truck with the guy's fingerprints. They don't help, so Oliver goes to talk to Lance. He's not happy about it, of course. He wonders how Oliver plans on being different as the Green Arrow than he was as Arrow. In response, he flashes back to the island in what turns out to be an utterly useless flashback. As always. Why does the moments that call for Oliver's deepest thoughts turn to useless flashbacks?

Felicity discovers that Curtis' algorithm was meant to argue for pay increases. The boss turned it around for the firing thing. The first girl to be fired comes in, crocodile tears welling in her eyes. She heard the rumors and thought Felicity coming back was going to save the company. She guesses she was wrong.

Laurel and Oliver chat while they're on watch. He confides in her that an organize called HIVE called his brother. He's put Darhk together with the ghosts. They're HIVE. When she cautions him about carrying the burden, he says he thought she'd understand carrying the secret about a dead sibling. That's exactly why she's worried.

Oliver generally attacks Thea as a way to try to get her to think she's experiencing Pit problems. 

While Felicity is looking at the list of people to be fired, Curtis realizes he on it and fires himself.

While talking to Jessica about who inspires the citizens of Star City to be good people, he realizes her daughter may be in trouble. When Oliver asks Lance to let Team Arrow help, he flashes back to the island again. He's not being saved, but not being killed either. His qualities were of use. Certainly he can pick up where the land mined dude left off. 

Damien Darhk goes to see Lonnie Machin. He's not pleased that he took Jessica's daughter. He concludes his relationship with the fellow after essentially naming him Anarky and telling him to clean up his mess.

Laurel didn't know what happened to Thea on Nanda Parbat, but she finds out from her now. Thea doesn't know the full extent of it, saying she was almost dead. You can see the wheels turning in Laurel's head that she will take Sara.

Lance discovers where Machin is and sends Team Arrow instead of going in himself. While there, they take down Machin, but Thea sets him on Fire. 

Felicity hires back everyone she fired. She's going to get Curtis to astonish the world with a new technology that he doesn't know about yet.

Oliver decides to run for Mayor while Laurel unearths Sara to take her to Nanda Parbat. Not only does she hope to resurrect her sister, but to get Thea whatever help they can in the meantime.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

What this city needs is somebody who can stand out in the light of day, not lurk around in the shadows. You said you were gonna be different this time, huh? How?


Oliver: He left behind evidence.
Diggle: Fingerprints.
Laurel: How'd you get the owner to part with his windshield?
Oliver: I bought his truck. It's one of the benefits of your girlfriend inheriting a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. We have money now.