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Diggle and Felicity react in shock to Oliver disbanding the team. Felicity tells the team they can work from her home.

Oliver goes to the mayor's office and everyone buys his excuse for not being there. Chase shows up and threatens him. 

Oliver turns to Anatoly to kill Chase, but Diggle confronts Oliver. Oliver seems to think it's the only way to kill Chase before more people they love are murdered. 

The team questions their next move as Diggle declares it's time for them to go after Adrian, but Curtis was overpowered by him. 

After another meeting with Diggle, in which Diggle revealed it was a good idea to call the mission off because Oliver can be saved, Ollie agrees. 

Things took a shocking turn when Oliver revealed his intention to cancel the mission to Anatoly. Anatoly flat out declines. 

Oliver and the team went to stop Anatoly, but Anatoly had hostages and ordered them to be killed when Oliver declined to give up. 

Oliver set the fire alarm off to save everyone and later confronted Anatoly for becoming evil. 

Dinah took the footage of Chase as Prometheus to the precinct, but Chase had figured the plan out and killed the two marshalls looking over him. 


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Diggle: It's just you and me now, Oliver. You don't have to talk to me. I just don't think you should be alone.
Oliver: I think I should. Why don't you just leave?

Oliver: The explanation is simple: Chase is right. All the people who are down here - around me. They either suffer, or they die.