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The team tried to work out a way to save Rene, who was being held captive by Tobias. Rene and Evelyn disappeared on a solo mission to find leads on Tobias, while Curtis recuperated back in the lair. 

Diggle showed up and introduced himself to the team, and they seemed somewhat happy to see him. 

Oliver saved Rene from Tobias, while he was digging his own grave, but they were confused about why Tobias gave up so easily. Rene then dropped the bomb that he told Tobias Oliver was the arrow. 

Diggle went off on one with Oliver when he realized just how flawed the new team was, but he agreed to debrief Rene for any information he could get from him. 

Prometheus cornered Tobias and tried to kill him for not following orders, but Tobias had his own defense. 

Malone revealed to Felicity that he has joined the ACU, but Felicity lied that Oliver knew all about the both of them.

After meeting a councilman, Oliver and Thea found out that the councilman had an agenda he was not disclosing to them. They investigated and found that he not voting Oliver to protect an investment he made. 

Oliver and Thea left, but were stopped in their tracks when Oliver was shot. It was on the news that he died, but then it was revealed that Christopher Chance was wearing an Oliver Queen Mask. 

Oliver learned that Felicity was seeing Billy and landed on her balcony in the dead of night, asking her about things. She confirmed the relationship, but also revealed that she didn't know if it was real. 

Diggle then took over Curtis' role and managed to talk Rene into returning to the team after Rene realizes what Church's plan is. 

In a big fight, Diggle returns to the team. When Oliver reveals himself to Tobias, Tobias makes it clear that there's more evil coming for him. Christopher posed as one of Tobias' goons to get intel. 

Oliver apologizes to the city for lying to them. 

Later, when Tobias is being transported, Prometheus showed up and killed him. 

Susan was given intel that Oliver was not on the island five years ago. 


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Tobias: Little man, that grave ain't going to dig itself.
Rene: Well, why don't you dig it yourself?

Diggle: You must be the new kids on the block.
Curtis: More like the Backstreet Boys.