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Oliver's running, just like he did way back when with Felicity. But he runs back to Dinah Laurel Lance, to whom he is engaged. It's their wedding day.

Flash to Oliver in the pod.

Meanwhile, the new gang is back at the Arrow cave when Felicity and Cisco come in. They're introduced. Cisco realizes he knows two Rorys now. But one's a douche. Is this one a douche?

Cisco vibes on one of Oliver's broken bows. He knows they're in some sort of stasis. Oliver's parents are talking about how blessed they have been to have seen Thea and Oliver grow up. Oliver catches a vase with amazing reflexes.

When Sara shows up, she sees a necklace Ollie bought for Laurel. It's a canary. Sara drops it in shock.

If Oliver doesn't accept his role with Queen Consolidated, the board will accept the buyout from Ray Palmer. They look over at a Smoak Technologies building.

There's a guy in a hood who comes to the rescue of Oliver and his dad in an alley. Flashes start.

Back at home, Oliver sees another flash of the boat sinking, and one of Laurel's face, at once healthy and then injured.

Oliver goes to see Quentin, who is looking into The Hood. Quentin wonders if Oliver is getting cold feet. No. He's just shook up from the mugging.

At the rehearsal dinner, Laurel and Sara run into Ray Palmer, and the latter two both spark memories.

Oliver breaks into the Arrow lair to find Felicity and Diggle as The Hood. It's knowing John's name that starts sending the real flashes of memory through him.

Oliver then sees Felicity and remembers her, putting a ring on her finger in their fake wedding.

Wild Dog doesn't think much about metahumans or aliens, so he doesn't get on well with The Flash or Supergirl. He's a pain in the ass.

He doesn't want anything to do with either of them.

When Thea is hugging Moira, she has a memory of her mom being struck down.

Oliver goes to see Laurel and instead of running from their wedding, he wants to be with Laurel as soon as possible.

Diggle shows up. After Oliver left them, he started having memory flashes. Felicity says she never owned a company, and the building shouldn't be there.

As they're talking, believing the memories are going to push back against whatever they do, Deathstroke shows up. Not-an-international assassin Sara shows up to take him down in mere seconds, proving, once again, she's the badass.

Diggle figures out that their way out is through the Smoak Technologies building.

Jason is busy being a pain in the ass and Supergirl and The Flash have to save him.

Tommy is working triple shifts at a Chicago hospital.

The trio who knows what's going on heads to the ... what? Wedding preception?

Thea doesn't want to go back. Laurel is alive, her parents are alive. She wants it all to be true. In fact, she won't join Oliver. She won't go.

When they get outside, Malcolm shoots Oliver, and Thea appears at Oliver's side. Damien thinks killing Sara will be more satisfying than killing Laurel. Diggle is killing tiny Deadshots, Oliver Deathstroke and Thea Malcom.

Laurel comes running outside, in tears. They have to go. She says they can fix it. Sara assures her they cannot.

At Smoak Technologies, they walk through a wiggly screen of some sort, and just before doing it, all of the people who have loved Oliver have words of courage for him.

Felicity and the gang know where the five are now.

Some aliens are ambling by. Nobody notices the five until a whole clutter of them are in the hall and Oliver grabs a weapon off the wall to start shooting. They get into a disney ride and off they go.

The Dominators are finishing their weapon, the ship they all just escaped is on a direct course to earth.

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm gonna hack alien tech. This is seriously the best day in my whole entire life!!!


My whole life I've waited to see a sign of intelligent life. Now that I've seen it, they're not intelligent at all, they're just mean. I can't believe it.