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Adrian told Oliver his father took 145 seconds to die after Oliver shot him. 

In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly tried to get the truth out of the Russian man, but he died. Kovar made a deal with Malcolm and Olivr vowed to help Anatoly. 

Oliver and Anatoly found the truck to take the gas, but Kovar wins and runs off with the gas. 

Adrian tells Oliver to confess and it will all be over, but Oliver declines. 

Oliver tortures one of Kovar's men and Anatoly voiced his displeasure of it. 

Adrian forces Oliver to fight with Artemis, but he steals her knife. Adrian returns and seemingly kills off Artemis. 

Oliver falls to his knees as though he's about to crack. 

Adrian continues to taunt him until he screams that he wanted to kill and he liked it. 

Back in flashback, Kovar tries to kill a group of party attendees with the gas, but Oliver stops the ventilation and kills Kovar. 

Malcom Merlyn revives Kovar. 

Chase lets Oliver leave and he returns to Team Arrow to tell them the whole operation is over and that he does not want to have the team anymore. 

The team look shocked at this admission. 




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Arrow Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Russian man: You said if we kill you, we kill ourselves, why?
Oliver: You'll find out soon enough.
Russian man: No, I'll dig that bullet out of you right now.

145 seconds. That's how long my father suffered under the water before he suffocated.