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We picked up with Felicity helping Oliver take down a villain, but they struggled due to being three members down. 

Thea waited at a police event for Oliver, but he showed up late because he was busy taking one of the villains down. 

Later, Oliver holds a memorial for Laurel and unveils a statue of her in her honor, but the ceremony is cut short when villains appear and kidnap Oliver and some civilians. 

The villain was Tobias and he is creating a group of villains who will help him in his quest to take Oliver and down once and for all. 

Oliver tries to barter with him, but Tobias sends him to get killed from one of his goons. Oliver murders the man who is tasked with killing him. 

Speedy shows up on the scene and is less than impressed that he murdered someone. 

Speedy and Oliver were forced to leave when they realized there was no way of making it out alive with all of the civilians, but vowed to return. 

When they did, there was a huge fight with Tobias and his goons, but Oliver got the better of them and found himself chasing a helicopter through the city. 

Lance returned and revealed that he and Donna were over. He changed his stance on Oliver by the end of the episode when he gave Oliver a list of police officers that would help him out. 

Oliver chatted with Diggle to see if it would be a good idea to get a new team going. Diggle gave his blessing for him to continue on. 

Felicity got comfy with the new man in her life. 


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Thea: You realize you just accused the police department of being corrupt, at the police department gala?
Oliver: I answered a question.
Thea: And you just put blame on the police department instead of taking responsibility for the city’s crimes.
Oliver: You know I’m taking responsibility.
Thea: Yes – the other guy, but as the mayor, it looks like you’re sleepwalking. Okay?

Oliver:I found the bomb.
Felicity: No, no, no. That’s no “A” bomb. That’s, one, two, three, four bombs.