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Oliver tells Slade he needs him to take Adrian down. Slade agrees and Oliver said he wants to reunite both of them with their children. 

When they make their way down the island, they are put in a trap, and it is revealed that Digger double-crossed them. 

The team quickly overpowers the villains, while Evelyn claims it was all part of the plan. 

As Malcolm leads Thea, Samantha, and Felicity to the mainland, Samantha says she is not leaving the island. 

Thea accidentally stands on a land mine. Malcolm swaps places with her and winds up killing the villains chasing them. 

Things take a shocking turn when Slade turns on Oliver and offers him up to Chase. 

It is later revealed that Slade and Oliver made the plan to get the device to Dinah, who sets everyone free. 

Nyssa and Talia fight to the death, but Nyssa winds up knocking her sister out. 

Curtis, Samantha, Thea and Felicity realize the island is filled with networked explosives. 

Oliver battled Chase, who said Oliver's son was dead. Oliver picked up on his lie to get him to kill him.

Felicity told Oliver about the kill switch. 

Oliver chased Chase to a boat and fought him. He told Oliver to kill William or he would blow up the island. Oliver saved his son and Chase blew up the island. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

You and me, kid, like old times.


Oliver: Slade, are you going to help me, or not?
Slade: I think I'm stating the obvious when I say I killed your mother and for that, you should kill me now.