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Oliver went to Prometheus' mother's house and asked her to identify her son, but she declined because she felt that he is only lashing out because his father was murdered. 

Oliver met with Susan who asked him straight up if he was the Arrow, but he was shocked and said he was not. Susan said that makes their relationship easier. 

Liza Warner, Cupid and China White escape from prison and cause mayhem in Star City. Quentin and Oliver track them to brutal murder scene. 

Dinah joins the SCPD. 

When Oliver and Quentin follow another lead, they find the three villains and Quentin tries to get Liza to surrender. She was not up for it and revealed that she would not be changing her mind because he worked with a terrorist. 

The ACU showed up and arrested Oliver for the murder of detective Malone. 

Susan showed up and quizzed Oliver about whether he was really the Arrow because she had evidence of it and she has now been fired for apparently plagiarizing stories. 

Oliver finds out that Thea had Felicity do it. He went crazy at her and said that she should not have resorted to that method. 

Oliver visits the leader of the ACU and reveals that Arrow killed Malone, but it was after Prometheus manipulated him to do it. 

The group went after Liza, Cupid and China White, but they were blindsided because they had created a group of people to take back the city. 

Team Arrow won and Oliver was let go. 

Adrian showed up to tell Oliver to turn on the TV and there was word of a scandal that Oliver and his administration falsified the documents to conceal Malone's killer. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Thea: Is everything okay with Susan?
Oliver: Yeah, why?
Thea: Your assistant was clocking some tension.

Susan: What was that for?
Oliver: That was I'm sorry.
Susan: For canceling dinner on me last night?
Oliver: And the previous two times.