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Oliver tried to help Felicity up, and Felicity confirmed that it was an EMP bomb, rendering her immobile. The duo sparred over what was the best course of action and tried to find a way to safety. 

Team Arrow realized something was not right, so they turned to Diggle, who was embroiled in an argument with Lyla. The couple joined forces to help the team, but it was clear there was still some resentment between them. 

Felicity tried to jump start the generator, but it caused a power surge, damaging the methane gas pipe in the process. The duo then tried to find a way out. Oliver showed off an underground mine that could help them to safety. 

Oliver blacks out, leaving Felicity to finish the rest of the mission. 

Lyla arrives with Curtis' invention and reveals that ARGUS "improved it." Diggle was not impressed with this and questioned what other secrets she had. 

We got the reveal that Felicity cheated on Malone with Oliver, 11 months before. 

Felicity then revealed that she did not think Oliver was evil and that it must have been difficult for him to cope with the aftermath of the events. 

They are interrupted by the ball drone, and the team reveals that if the generator sparks up, the bunker will explode because of the gas. 

Oliver blacks out again, but Curtis sends adrenaline to bring him back around. 

Diggle throws rope over to Oliver and Felicity and manages to get Rene to pull all three of them up. 

Felicity visits Oliver in the hospital and she admits that she should not have went rogue and noted that it was partly down to the way she was feeling after the things went down with William. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Seems like Cisco spent so much time making this place impenetrable, he's turned it into an impenetrable death trap.


Is there any chance that Oliver never paid the electric bill?