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A new vigilante appeared in town and dropped two criminals off at the SCPD. This caused Oliver to question his role as the Green Arrow. Susan showed up at his office and made a subtle dig about having a Twitter war with a Russian.

She then forced him to go for a drink with her, and he eventually accepted. 

Quentin handed in his resignation to Thea after revealing he was never on the wagon. After that villains attacked Star City bank, but when the team arrived, the villains had already been taken care of by the new vigilante. 

Thea went to Quentin to find out what was going on and he revealed he thought he was Prometheus. 

Diggle revealed he was upset at missing his child's second birthday, but he couldn't go near his home as it was under watch by U.S. Marshals. 

When they all caught up with the vigilante, he turned on them when Oliver refused to step down. 

Oliver went after the other villains to get the truth, but one of the girls in the police station was less than ready to give up the information they needed. The police officer succeeded. 

Oliver went after the brains behind the operation, but the vigilante showed up to attack both of them. 

Oliver then went on his date with Susan, but Diggle called him and asked if they could rob a bank to draw the vigilante out. 

They did, and the vigilante showed up. Team Arrow overpowered him, but when Oliver went to unmask him, there was a bomb that blew up, sending Curtis and Oliver flying. He escaped. 

After that was all finished, Oliver went for another drink with Susan, while Diggle got a visit from his kid. 

Oh, and it was revealed that Evelyn was working with Prometheus.

In Russia, Oliver stabbed Kovar when he tried to kill him.  However, it was later revealed that Kovar made a deal with Bratva and Kovar had to keep him alive. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Oliver: I appreciate that, but I don't need a date.
Susan: No, but you need a friend, even more than you need that drink.

Oliver: What do you know about that?
Susan: I believe it's being good at my job.