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Oliver gets good news that the case against him has been dropped. Because Cayden James was a criminal, the prosecutors not having a case against Rene, Oliver's attorney believes that the charges against him will have to be dropped.

It is revealed that Black Siren is posing as the Earth-1 version of Laurel Lance, the one who got killed two years ago. At the police station, she is talking to the press how she got kidnaped for two years. Oliver, Quentin, and Thea are stunned that she pulled this. In a later conversation, Laurel explains to them that because of how much Quentin wanted her to be like his Laurel, she thought she would give it a shot.

But the case against Oliver isn't quite over as the prosecutor reveals that Roy Harper is their new witness. But he is being held by Diaz's corrupted cops who are torturing him. Thea decides to suit up as Speedy to go save him.

Diaz isn't letting go off Black Siren and Roy that easily. He pitches Black Siren to join him again in his takeover of Star City. Roy gets taken to Diaz where he wants to recruit him too. As Thea struggles with Roy's safety, she gets asked by Oliver to leave with Roy after he has been rescued.

Oliver believes that it would be good for both of them, especially Thea so she can keep her loved one safe. 

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