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Oliver and Team Arrow and the FBI start the episode by launching an attack on the police station, only to find out that Diaz isn't there. When Oliver calls Anatoly to get a lead on Diaz's location, Anatoly can't say much due to the fact that Diaz is sitting right next to him. Anatoly walks into the police station to turn himself in and relay all the information necessary to track down Diaz, including Diaz's secret base location and the fact that he has 3 Longbow hunters on his payroll. Diaz calls Lance on Laurel's phone demanding he remove the FBI from Star City or he'll kill Laurel. By this time, Team Arrow has already made it to Anatoly's secret base. Once they make it inside, they quickly find out that the entire building is wired with explosives. The explosives blow up the building, but Team Arrow makes it out unscathed. Per FBI Agent Watson's new plan to find Diaz, Lance tells Diaz he'll tell the FBI to leave if he sees proof that Laurel is alive. However, Lance goes off script to see Laurel by wearing a pacer that Felicity could hack. When Lance doesn't hold up his end of the deal after he sees Laurel, Diaz tries to shoot her, but Lance jumps in the way and takes the bullet. Oliver and Dinah converge on Diaz's new location. Dinah and Laurel get Lance to the paramedics while Oliver fights Diaz. Oliver pulls everyone on Diaz's payroll by using Felicity's tech sniffer, but couldn't get the kill because Siren screamed him off of the building. Oliver reveals he's the Green Arrow on public television and goes to a supermax prison. Lance dies in surgery. Diaz lives and nefariously watches Green Arrow's public confession on television.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Don’t let [Diaz] take this city!


Oliver: They don’t care if Siren is collateral damage.
Dinah: So, what are you saying?
Oliver: I’m saying it will be up to us to keep her safe.