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Oliver is in Russia for some reason.

Rene gets out of the hospital.

Diggle is working at ARGUS and getting kudos. His boss has news on the woman who works with The Quadrant who allowed him to sit at the table after fear.

Diaz is looking for Laurel. She doesn't much like him after what went down with the burning man and is concerned when he wants to speak with Lance.

Oliver gives Anatoly the knife and wants him to help stop Diaz. Anatoly isn't an honorable man any longer and he stun guns Oliver.

Anatoly has wrapped Oliver in chains. Oliver thought he wanted to be returned to the Bratva and can't believe he'd trust Diaz over his old friends.

NTA is trying to find Diaz and take down the drug operation. 

Lance and Laurel meet at their favorite Chinese restaurant that had been upgraded since we last saw it. They're talking when she whispers, "I'm sorry," before Diaz walks into the restaurant. She attempts to make Lance aware she's not as with Diaz as the man believes.

NTA is on a mission.

Diggle is helping them and he and Rene discuss fatherhood while on the job. Rene is afraid to die and can't do his job as a result.

Laurel tries to get through to Lance how evil Diaz is and to sign the damn form. She doesn't care if he hates her as long as he's safe. He refuses and also kicks her out of the house.

Is she acting or is she serious?

She mentions watching him burn a man alive after Lance reveals why Laurel was killed: because he worked for Damien Dahrk and crossed him later. He understands where she's coming from.

They decide to protect each other.

Similarly, Anatoly tells Oliver if he betrays himself it is because Oliver betrays him first.

Whoever goes on the ground first in a fight between Oliver and Diaz will have to release Star City. Since they're both on the ground, I guess they didn't mean literally.

Oliver's face is bloodied up really bad in seconds.Oliver doesn't break Diaz's neck when he has the chance and stabs him in the side.

Curtis wonders if Diggle wants to join NTA. No, not so much. Curtis visits Rene to see if he can speed up that compartmentalization. Zoe wants him to continue wearing the mask and fighting bad guys because she taught him to be bad.

Diaz wants to move up Oliver's trial. The paper Lance signed revoked Oliver's bail. I think.

But it's not going to go down as everyone thinks. Because we saw the preview.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Look, what I'm trying to say is I know what it's like to do a bad thing for a good reason.


Handcuffs would've been fine.