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Green Arrow and Spartan manages to invade Cayden's hideout, but Cayden is already gone. A live-feed starts playing on the screen with Cayden saying that he knew they were coming.

He also expresses his annoyance with Vigilante working with them. Cayden warns them that at midnight, he will detonate the bomb.

Alena and Felicity are doing everything they can to find out where Cayden is. Elsewhere, Cayden informs his cabal that it is time to leave the city.

In a flashback at Helix, it is Alena's first day as the new recruit. Cayden gets a text from his son to go see a match.

He gets to the school, but he missed the match as Owen knew he wasn't there. Cayden blames his work for missing the match, but Owen isn't OK with it. 

Cayden promises Owen he will be the for the finals the next day. In the present, things are hectic at SCPD. Thea gets a call from Oliver who believes the bunker will be possibly safe for a lot of people.

Thea talks with Quentin about her concern regarding Dinah wanting to kill the whole cabal. Elsewhere, Black Canary is looking for Black Siren without any luck.

Alena managed to crack the fake video of Oliver killing Owen. The real killer's name is Carl Iskoff. She has also managed to find Cayden's location but Diggle doesn't think they will get there in time.

Oliver has an idea as Flash drops the two of them off right by Cayden's car. They show him the real video of Carl killing Owen.

Cayden realizes that it is someone within Helix that has been pulling the strings. He asks them to find the rest of the cabal for a meeting.

At the bunker, Oliver proposes that it is one of the cabal members who pulled the strings. As time is running out, Diggle stresses that they need the other Team Arrow members.

Elsewhere, Rene and Curtis are worried about the situation as well as Dinah's hunt. Diggle call. He explains the situation and needs their help.

Black Siren is getting her stuff as she is ready to escape. Black Canary shows up as the two have a clash, with Black Canary ready to kill her.

Quentin shows up and tries to stop her. But Black Canary knocks him out. Green Arrow and the team arrives and stops them both.

Oliver stresses that she can't kill Black Siren as they need her alive. He calls Cayden to tell them that they need more time to find the others.

In another flashback, Cayden is told by Alena that ARGUS Is tracking him. Back in the present, Ricardo is stopped.

Quentin tries to calm Dinah down, but she is still focused on killing Laurel if Cayden doesn't. At the bunker, Felicity has located Anatoly as Green Arrow rushes over to confront him.

But Anatoly still won't admit that he did it as he has nothing to do with it. He calls Cayden to tell him that they have all three of them.

William, who is tired of just sitting around, sneaks away to join his dad. He arrives at the location as Oliver wonders why he is there. William tells him that he is going through the same horrible feeling as he did back on the island.

Cayden introduces himself as he tells William that this all started with Owen. In another flashback, Cayden is seeing the finals from the outside.

But ARGUS has caught up with him as they are ready to take him in. Back in the present, Quentin is getting ready to escort Black Siren to Cayden.

Laurel explains to him that she will never be his Laurel, ever. They go inside and see that everyone is here. Cayden confronts all three of the cabal members and demands one of them comes out.

Cayden is beginning to lose it as Black Siren admits that it was her. Felicity and Alena are alarmed when they see that something is wrong with the bomb.

Cayden knows she is lying though as he remembers how she struggled to kill Vincent. The collar around her neck dies as Black Siren uses her scream on everyone in the building before running away.

Everyone starts fighting their respective bad guy inside. Black Canary catches up with Black Siren as the two of them fight too.

Quentin tries to stop her, but Black Siren takes his gun and shoots her. Back inside, William tries to stop Cayden.

Cayden gets the detonator back and explains that he has to do this, for Owen. Oliver stops him though just in time.

At the bunker, Oliver promises William that he will never leave him. He won't allow anything to happen to himself.

The two teams discuss where to go from here, with the cabal members still out there. Despite all of this, the former team members don't want to come back to Team Arrow.

Oliver goes to see Cayden to make sure that Cayden surrendering himself isn't some ploy. Cayden gives him a list that will possibly help Oliver finding the other members.

Cayden asks for one favor, to get to visit his son's grave which Oliver can grant him. In another flashback, an ARGUS agent tells him that Owen died last night.

In the present, Laurel wakes up inside of Quentin's car. Quentin doesn't believe that Laurel is as evil as she claims to be. 

Cayden gets a visit by Ricardo as they have a little chat. Ricardo believes that Star City is prime for a takeover. 

He reveals that the new police captain and a few other officers are being controlled by him. Ricardo then kills Cayden as he leaves Cayden's dead body.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

This city.. It's prime for a takeover.


I'm never going to let anything happen to you William, ever. And I'm promising you that I'll do everything that I can to make sure nothing happens to me.