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Oliver Queen greets the press at city hall as he tries to calm the reporters down about him being Green Arrow. When he goes to his office he is greeted by a special FBI Agent Samanda Watson who is investigating Oliver.

Felicity and Curtis try to figure out who got the photo of Oliver as Green Arrow. Oliver continues to reject the press who are questioning Oliver's denial.

A group of men begins to shoot at Oliver and the group. They all get into a van and rush off from the gunmen. But the gunmen catches up with the van and Anatoly shows his face.

Anatoly reveals that he is not here for Oliver, but for the Markovian businessmen. Elsewhere, Diggle is feeling bad that he can't do anything for Oliver who shows up to tell him and Dinah that Anatoly is back.

Oliver's PR image gets worse though as the news is covering the shooting. William's school calls Oliver to inform him that his son got into a fight.

Oliver goes to pick him up and ask what happened. William says that the other students were harassing him for being the son of Green Arrow.

Felicity and Curtis call Oliver to inform them they have found Anatoly. Later that night, Team Arrow goes after Anatoly's men.

Green Arrow only finds three of the four men that Anatoly took. Later on, Felicity shows them security footage of Anatoly taking away the fourth man.

Rene and Quentin are interrogated by Agent Watson who isn't buying their material. William isn't happy with Oliver and gives his father a hard time.

Anatoly face-times with Oliver and reveals that he has been exiled from the Bratva. It was because of his former friendship with Oliver that got him exiled.

Felicity analyzes the footage from their call and figures out that there is a cure for the man's condition. Dinah and Diggle get the help of Dr. Schwartz.

Dinah confronts Diggle about hiding something regarding his condition. Diggle explains the events at the island damaged his ability to aim a gun.

Oliver returns to city hall where Rene reveals to him that Watson wants to interview William. He is a person of interest according to Rene.

Oliver admits to Rene about William's concern that he will lose his father one day too. Rene offers him some advice from one father to another.

The team head to Anatoly's potential location and save the remaining businessman before it's too late. One of Anatoly's men almost strangles Black Canary to death when Diggle struggles to shoot. But she gets out of it and takes the shooter down.

Green Arrow goes to confront Anatoly and injects the man with the cure. But Anatoly manages to shoot the man to death.

Oliver tries to talk some sense into Anatoly who is filled with hatred. Anatoly walks away, knowing that Oliver can't kill him.

The next morning Oliver goes to talk with Watson without a lawyer. Oliver is willing to cooperate to their investigation, but only if she keeps William out of it.

A colleague of Watson shows up to turn on the news. The news coverage claims that the photo of Oliver as the Emerald Archer was manipulated. 

Watson warns Oliver that she isn't done with him yet. Felicity and Curtis celebrate for managing to clear Oliver's name.

Diggle goes to apologize to Dinah for failing her out on the field. He begins to admit what happened to him and the damage the events of Lian Yu had on him.

Oliver talks with William to apologize for making a promise he almost couldn't keep. He asks William to do his best to be the father that William deserves.

William accepts Oliver's apology and invites him to play video games. Later on, Oliver goes to the bunker to have a talk with Diggle.

Oliver asks Diggle for a big favor as he can't be the Green Arrow anymore. In order to be the father William deserves, Oliver passes over the mantle to Diggle.  

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Oliver: First, this is important, I'm not the Green Arrow.
Reporter: If you're not the Green Arrow, who is?
Oliver: Number 2! Photos can be doctored. They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No!

Diggle: I'm not lying. I'm telling you this is none of your business.
Dinah: I'm out in the field with you at less than 100%, this is damn well my business! And it's Oliver's