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Oliver wakes up, crushed between two giant stones. He sees Tommy. 
Roy wakes up and looks for the rest of the team. He helps Diggle escape the rubble he's stuck under. Dinah appears with a few scratches. They find Rene trapped in the carnage. They manage to pull him out. 
Felicity comes home and Alena tells her police are at their office, and they have a warrant. 
The SCPD captain tells them they know Emiko didn't kill the security guards, Roy did and Felicity covered it up. Felicity tries to explain herself, but the captain tells her she's under arrest. 
Felicity pretends to hug Alena goodbye, but actually triggers an alarm that distracts the SCPD long enough for them to escape. 
Oliver manages to escape but ends up with a dislocated shoulder. Tommy helps him pop it back in. Oliver says he needs to get out of the building and find the team. Tommy tells him that's going to be hard since his bow was destroyed. 
Oliver tries contacting the team through the comms. Tommy assures them that the teams fine. Tommy jokes about the fact that they both have secret half-sisters. 
He asks what kind of solution he has for Emiko, and Oliver says she needs to die. Tommy says it is that kind of attitude that's going to keep them stuck down there. 
Team Arrow looks around the building for Oliver. Felicity comes through on the comms. She tells them that Emiko gave the SCPD security footage of Roy killing those guards. 
Oliver tries to break through the entrapments, but it doesn't work. Tommy says he's just making things worse. 
Dinah and Diggle argue about the coverup. Roy says he's going to turn himself in. Before he can explain, the team has to escape boobie traps. 
Felicity tells them chemicals are leaking and the entire building could explode very soon. 
Team Arrow tells Felicity they are in the boiler room. She says they have eight minutes to find the generator. 
Tommy questions Oliver's tactics when trying to get out of the entrapment. They argue about Emiko and Oliver says Tommy should understand why he has to kill Emiko because of what Tommy's father did to him. He says Tommy was blinded by the fact that Malcolm was his father before it was too late. 
Tommy says the same thing will happen to Oliver until he stops making the same decisions and doesn't break free. Oliver says the choices Emiko made are on her and he shouldn't feel guilty. 
Felicity guides the team to the air ducts. Roy says they'll never make it time and decides to take the riskier route. He jumps into the generator room and Felicity says he only has ten to 12 seconds. He turns the generator off in time and survives. 
Before Felicity and Alena can celebrate, the bunker is invaded by Emiko. Felicity tells her that she's pregnant to prevent her from shooting. Emiko says that's good information to know before killing the bunker's power.
Tommy tells Oliver he has a shot at something neither ever had: a clean slate. He says it'll never happen if he keeps seeing red with Emiko. 
Tommy says Oliver's trapped. Oliver says Tommy's just a figment in his imagination that's trying to test him, but it won't work. Part of the roof collapses, giving Oliver a way out. 
Tommy wishes Oliver luck finding his team because he needs them. Oliver says goodbye to Tommy, 
Dinah tells Diggle and Rene to go look for Oliver while she looks after Roy. She says he was an idiot for risking his life. He asks why she helped him even though she doesn't know him. 
She says she doesn't want him dead, and the world's a better place with a hero like Roy. 
Felicity and Alena get the power back on Emiko. She recounts all the awful things William has had to go through and wonders how this other child's life will be any better. 
Alena tells her that perhaps she should go off the grid in order to give this new child a good life. 
Team Arrow locates Oliver and look for the best way out before being interrupted by Emiko. 
Oliver tells Emiko she has one last chance to stand down. She says she was going to say the same. The Ninth Circle comes after them and Team Arrow fights them off. 
Rene warns them all that the place is about to explode. Oliver refuses to leave until he gets Emiko. Emiko tells him she knows about his baby. He has her ready for the kill and she tells him his family's going to die, he made sure of it. 
He shoots Emiko, but Diggle ends up being the one with an arrow through his chest. Oliver sees all of Team Arrow dead with arrows in their hearts. 
He goes back to being with Tommy. He says Oliver knows what it's like to be his father. Tommy says he will continue to be like his dad if he keeps giving in to his worst impulses. 
Tommy says Oliver should rely on his compassion and love to break through to Emiko. Team Arrow finds Oliver and Olive says he misses Tommy every day. Tommy wakes Oliver up and Oliver is still trapped between two rocks. Team Arrow rescue him. 
Oliver reunites with Felicity in the bunker. She tells them about Emiko's visit. 
Dinah says she got an APB alert of a Green Arrow sighting. 
Team Arrow enters the SCPD where multiple officers have been killed. The Captain tells them someone dressed at the Green Arrow came in and stole the weapon of mass destruction. 
Oliver follows Emiko on the roof. He tries talking to her, but she refuses to listen and escapes the roof. The FBI comes in on a helicopter thinking Team Arrow was behind the SCPD slaughter. 
Felicity and the team watch Galaxy One's propaganda video. She tells them that they need to destroy Archer in order to stop the super-tech army G1's created. William asks to help, but Felicity tells him she's got it. 
William tells Felicity and Mia about a plan he has to get to hide from Archer while they try to destroy it. The plan requires William to visit Kevin Dale's office.
Felicity says its too dangerous and she will handle things. William says she's treating him like he's a kid again, and leaving him out of the family like she and Oliver did before. Mia leaves so they can talk things out. Felicity apologizes but is interrupted by the location of their target appearing on her screen. 

William watches the Galaxy One propoganda again. Mia tells William that Roy went with Felicity instead. She asks William what's wrong, she thought he and Felicity were okay.

He says he needed a mom, not money. He wants to know why she kept him away from him all these years. Mia suggests he try to get answers from her. 

William meets with Kevin Dale. Rene ends up being at the meeting and has to cover up how he knows William. William talks to Kevin about his program and how he should start thinking about the bigger picture. He gets all the data he needs on his watch right at the time Kevin leaves his office. 

Rene gets mad at him for blowing his cover. They are about to leave but are surrounded by Dale's men. He reveals he knows William's identiy before demanding they be seized. 

Alena walks in to Felicity's bunker and Mia confrots her angrily. Felicity tells them all that Alena's agreed to help them take down Archer for real this time. Alena tries to apologize to Dinah for the death of her canaries. She explains that the deal went south and Kevin Dale threatened to use Archer to kill Alena's family if she didn't disappear. 

Felicity asks where William is and figures out that he went to Kevin Dale's office. Their bunker is infiltrated by Galaxy One officers.  

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Felicity: Your father and I never wanted to let you go.
William: But you did, and then even after everything that happened you still stayed away like I wasn't even a part of this family.
Mia: Ooh, and I thought we had problems. I'm just going to go do anything else.

Tommy: You are living proof that people can change, and you have got to find a way to see that in her (Emiko) too.
Oliver: I don't know if I can.
Tommy: That's okay. That's the risk you got to take.