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Felicity is giving birth!

Girl wasn't even showing last week. 

They have their baby Mia.

Little Mia is getting taught all the tricks from Nyssa al Ghul

Mia lived her entire life with Felicity and trained continually with Nyssa.

One day Mia comes home and can't find Felicity, so she grabs a knife. 

The city isn't safe for them because of who her father was. They never go in and Felicity does all of her work for SmoakTek online.

Mia opens a secret door when she's mucking about with her arrows. Inside she finds a mini lair for Felicity. Her screensavers are William and Oliver.

Mia is angry about her life, and runs away. She gets a black star tattooed on her wrist and wants to be erased. That's also the day she started cage fighting.

William is impressed with her prowess.

When William and Mia try to get into Global Inc., Mia's DNA isn't matched. Agent Connor Hawke saves the day, and Mia wants to know who in the hell he is.

Mia can't believe everything between them was a lie. But it wasn't. That part was all real.

Rene is pissed to find out Zoe is one of the canaries.

Rene wants to blow up Star City so he can expand what they've been doing in the Glades. Dinah counters that Galaxy is run by terrorists. So there!

Meanwhile, Mia and William are stirring something into Galaxy's coffee.

In this world, the DNA sequence is inside of gizmos.

Mia tells William his angel investors were probably Felicity's doing. She might have been watching over William after all.


They found Felicity!

She's not happy to see them.

Felicity was stuck inside a box. Connor releases her and she and William reunite. She apologizes and they hug.

Felicity cannot leave until they disable the bombs. 

Mia is doubly pissed.

Dinah and friends meet up with Felicity. Happiness all around.

Connor was adopted. He wanted to know why they even adopted him if they were never going to be around. But then he realized he was proud of them.

They've both been in training to be heroes since they were kids, but Connor got to make the choice, while Mia never got that chance.

Rene embarrassingly tells the heroes that they were right. The attack is on for tonight, and there was no plan to evacuate.

Dude uncovers the device that will allow Archer to go global by killing all the vigilantes. Some weird helmet.

Felicity and Mia have quite the mother/daughter talk. Her desire to take down Galaxy is personal. Archer is the AI system she programmed from her home with Oliver while pregnant with Mia.

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

I don't lose.


Tattoo Artist: What's the black star for?
Mia: My mom once told me that all the starlight we see had so far to travel that they might not exist anymore. Eventually, they all fade to black. Erased. That's where I wanna be.