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Oliver arrives in Nanda Parbat and finds Thea.

Nyssa left Thea after they destroyed the Lazarus Pits. Thea is trying to take the Thanatos Guild down after they hurt Roy.

Oliver tells Thea about The Monitor and Oliver's impending death. He wanted to find Nyssa to see if she can tell him anything about The Monitor.

Mia, Connor, and Zoe enter the bunker looking for William. He was hiding after electrocuting the members of the Deathstroke Gang that were after him.

JJ wants to target all members of the Star City Unification Movement. William wants to use himself as bait while Mia wants to storm their HQ.

In Hong Kong, Lyla tells Diggle that Ben Turner is in a deep undercover op. She's been keeping an eye on his family, Sandra and Connor Hawke, but they missed a check in.

Lyla thinks Abdul Nardoc, a philanthropist with ties to terrorists, is behind their disappearance. She wants John to help her find them.

Oliver and Thea seek out Talia al Ghul and ask her about The Monitor. She tells them about the League's records in the catacombs.

Future Team Arrow break into the Deathstroke Gang's HQ.

Lyla and Diggle go to a fundraiser hosted by Nardoc and find Sandra and Connor. They also see Gholem Qadir's son.

Oliver, Thea, and Talia discover that they must find the original leader of the League's tomb. Athena and her followers find them and they fight. They get away but not before giving Athena the map to the tomb.

Athena wants the original leader's sword so that she can restart the League.

Talia memorized the map. Oliver tells Thea to go back to the camp.

Oliver and Talia find the key to the tomb. Talia tranquilizes him.

Thea find him and they climb up the mountain to the tomb.

Athena has captured Talia. All of them head into the tomb.

Lyla and Diggle save Sandra and Connor, killing Qadir.

Talia gets the sword and Thea challenges her to combat as Oliver holds off the Thanatos Guild.

The ceiling falls on Athena.

Talia yields to Thea.

Thea reads the League's ancient texts. They say that a god is going to be the one to bring forth the end of times if he fails to maintain balance in the universe.

Oliver believes this being is The Monitor.

Talia apologizes to Oliver and Thea. Thea propositions to Talia that they create and co-lead a League of Heroes. Talia accepts.

Oliver and Thea say goodbye.

Mia, Connor, and Zoe fight the Deathstrokes. Zoe saves Mia and JJ stabs and kills Zoe. Connor runs after JJ and is about to kill him.

In a flash of light, Oliver, Mia, Connor, and William are taken to the present Team Arrow's bunker where Diggle, Dinah, and Rene are. The future meets the present.


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Arrow Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Dinah: Oliver?
Oliver: What's going on?
Rene: That's a very good question.
Mia: Dad?

Thea: I'm going to miss you. Everyday I miss you.
Oliver: Goodbye Speedy.
Thea: Bye Ollie.