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Oliver trains Mia.

Oliver invites William and Mia to go to Russia with him.

Lyla meets up with Laurel. She tells her to go to Russia with Oliver to get the plans for the weapon before Oliver can.

Diggle finds Roy and asks him for help.

Oliver, William, Mia, and Laurel meet with Anatoly in Russia, where he works as a bartender.

Diggle and Roy go to Bialya to get plutonium. Diggle tells Roy that he wants him to rejoin the team. Roy refuses.

Anatoly finds the General who has the plans. He's at a fight club. Oliver makes his kids stay back while they go to the club and meet with the General.

The General is willing to give them the plans if Oliver fights and wins. He does and William and Mia show up.

The Bratva show up and kill the General. They knock out Oliver and Mia.

Oliver and Mia wake up tied up in a Bratva hideout. Oliver tells her he used to be a member of the Bratva.

Oliver tells the Bratva that he was looking for plans for a weapon from the General, out of fear they will kill Mia.

Diggle tells Roy what the kids from the future told him about Roy's future. He tells him that he cures his bloodlust by being a part of a team.

The Bratva makes Mia fight a bunch of their men as a test that Oliver wasn't lying about the plans.

Oliver dislocates his thumbs and breaks himself and Mia free, just as Laurel and Anatoly find them.

Oliver wants William and Mia to go home.

Diggle talks Roy down from his bloodlust. They get away with the plutonium.

After a talk with Anatoly, Oliver decides to let the kids stay. He wants Mia to join him in the fighting ring for his plan and William to get them in.

Oliver and Mia fight six men in the ring.

Laurel gets the plans and they get away.

Oliver tells William and Mia that they can ask him anything about his past, the good and the bad.

Roy plans to stick around with Team Arrow for awhile.

Laurel decides not to give Lyla and The Monitor the plans. Oliver and Diggle show up and confront Lyla. Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel are all shot with darts and they pass out.



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Arrow Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Anatoly: You are ashamed. You have truly done some terrible things.
Oliver: Thank you for the reminder.
Anatoly: But, you have also done some good things. It's important that the kids see both.

Oliver: I'm your father, alright? It is my primary job in the world to protect you.
Mia: We don't need that. In the future, we're the ones that are saving the city.
Oliver: Well this isn't the future! This is months after I was heartbroken right before I left that I couldn't get you on the phone at your grandparents. So, I walked into your room to look at you one last time and you looked back at me from your crib.
Mia: And because you made the choice to protect us I had to spend my whole life alone. I didn't have a chance to know my brother to get to know you.
Oliver: I'm sorry that it worked out that way, and both of you can decide on your own how much you want to hate me and how much blame you want to assign. But, I made a promise to your mother to keep you safe and there is no world, there is no universe, there is no past, present, or future where I break it.
Mia: Fine.