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When you watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 online via TV Fanatic, you will find out on whom the Black Canary uses her first canary cry for the first time that we get to see it. You will also witness the end of Oliver Queen and how his friends take it. You will discover whether it blows back on the team and how Ra's plans to fit all that ails him when you watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

Oliver is now Al Sah-Him. On Arrow Season 3 Episode 21, we see him as the villain and we see how the team reacts to his absence.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Laurel: I have to admit, it's fun seeing you like this.
Nyssa: Like what?
Laurel: Like a normal person.
Nyssa: I am a normal person.

Nyssa: I never understood your country's need to fry everything.
Laurel: That's because everything tastes better that way.
Nyssa: This is more oil than potato.
Laurel: Put it in your milkshake.
Nyssa: I sense you mocking me.