Team Arrow reunite to take down Diaz who has decided to stop playing nice and start an all-out blood war. The team must call in shaky favors from unlikely allies if they hope to stand a chance against The Dragon.

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An episode full of action, Diaz starts the bloody war with Team Arrow guns-blazing. It seems Diaz has everything planned out -- except Anatoly betraying him. Now that The Dragon is no longer playing nice, the team realizes their only means of survival is sticking together. Additionally, knowing Anatoly is the only true in, Oliver and the team conspire with him to ambush Diaz. It doesn't go according to plan, but the team finds out a key detail: Diaz carries with him a USB that must have important information on it. After the run-in in the street, Diaz grows suspicious of his team, and Anatoly uses that time to point the finger at the Quadrant member who came to help him with Star City. With the knowledge of the precious drive, the team goes in to copy the information with Felicity's sniffer device, but not before Oliver makes Felicity promise she won't do anything dangerous. When Team Arrow's plan to sneak the device in goes awry, chaos breaks out and Felicity puts her life in danger, which sparks an argument between the two. While Felicity and Oliver go to their corners and Diggle attempts a pep talk with Oliver, Diaz makes moves by killing the Quadrant member he believes to be the mole and returns Team Arrow's earlier favor by ambushing them at New Team Arrow's hideout. Felicity stays back to get the data from the USB, but it turns out to be for naught and Felicity and Oliver get caught by the gas. Right before Diaz can kill them, they blow up the building. Team Arrow recoups with a plan that involves Prosecutor Sharp but Oliver must first admit he's the Green Arrow. Diaz recoups by taking over the Quadrant.

Episode Details

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 22, Oliver struggles with Felicity being in danger when she tries to stop Diaz who is targeting Team Arrow and their loved ones.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (29 Votes)
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Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

I just wanted one night to remind me of what I'm fighting for.


Cool thing about sound waves, they bounce.

Dinah Drake