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Arrow Promo: Darhk Targets Felicity!

Arrow Promo: Darhk Targets Felicity!

It's the moment we've all been worried about. On Arrow Season 4 Episode 9, things go from bright to Darhk as Damien targets Felicity. Watch now!
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I've always wanted to say I've taken a bullet for someone and now I can. Yay.


Felicity: What's going on? Ray?
Ray: Oliver Queen is the Arrow.
Felicity: What?
Ray: I have a 140 IQ and three PhDs, but it's pretty hard to insult my intelligence, but I'm pretty sure you just did. It all makes sense now. Your, ah, sudden disappearances, your apprehension of helping me with my mission. You've been working with the Arrow this whole time.