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PART ONE: Jack starts to yank Carly out of the quicksand, but Silas knocks him out. Jack ultimately defeats Silas, and reunites with Carly and JJ. The reunion is interrupted by a call from Katie, and Carly hears Jack tell Katie he loves her. Vienna celebrates with Katie, and calls the jeweler to fix Katie’s mangled ring.

PART TWO: Carly wants Jack to admit how he feels about her. Win interrupts a Luke-Noah kiss but Noah covers. Later, Noah tells Luke he only kissed him to play with his head and leaves. Noah realizes that Maddie has changed how his Dad feels about him and proposes they move in together. Colonel Mayer’s approval pressures Maddie (Alexandra Chando, pictured) into saying yes. Later, Luke tells Maddie there’s something she doesn’t know about Noah. Cole sees Sofie with his sister Gwen.

PART THREE: After Will and Gwen leave, Cole asks Sofie what she was doing with Gwen. He realizes Sofie doesn’t know Gwen is his sister. Cheri pressures Elwood to put Alison and Dusty’s sex video on the Internet. Cheri warns Alison her life is about to change dramatically. Dusty interrupts and wants to know what Cheri’s up to. Aaron calls Alison, says they should talk, as the tape is released online and Will, Gwen, and Alison see the tape of Dusty and Alison making love.

As the World Turns
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