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... As the World Turns ...

... When Aaron sees video of Alison and Dusty on a customer's laptop, he grabs the computer and throws it on the floor.

After the manager apologizes to the customer, Aaron offers to pay for the device but won't say he's sorry.

As Sofie watches, he challenges his boss to fire him and is sent home.

Sofie urges Aaron to wait for Alison to return his call. Alison panics when Will explains that the video they saw was on the Internet, not a DVD and confirms that it was real, not a fake.

When Alison insists on being alone, Gwen stops Will from chasing after her. Cheri calls Elwood a genius and offers him a special woman in thanks for his computer work but Dusty interrupts so Elwood slinks off.

After the two exchange words, Dusty is angered when Alison shows him their video is all over the Internet and she guesses Cheri is responsible.

He vows to stop this but worries when she talks about getting high. After she runs off, Dusty vows to make Cheri pay. When Noah's father interrupts, Luke decides not to tell Maddie about Noah kissing him.

Colonel Mayer presses Noah to tell him what he was about to tell Maddie about his son but Luke claims it was about a missing master tape. Sage and Parker welcome J.J. back home.

As Carly starts to get close to Jack, Katie bursts in and he runs to her. But after the family does an interview for WOAK, Katie is devastated as Jack claims Carly was his strength during the entire ordeal.

She tells Jack that he should be with his family and leaves. He finds her with Brad and learns that she is going to Hawaii on assignment.

Katie asks if they can put their wedding on hold until she gets back...

... until the world turns again ...

As the World Turns
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