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Lying under the false pretense that he is Craig Montgomery (Scott Bryce), her husband, Paul, asks the nurse to show him to Rosanna. In her room, Paul explains to the comatose Rosanna why he lied to get in to see her. He's thrilled when she squeezes his hand but a nurse explains that the muscle reaction is typical of coma patients.


Stopping by to see Meg, Craig ends up signing for the delivery of her annulment papers and places them in his briefcase. Curious, Meg discovers what they are but when he realizes he's been found out, she ignores them. Arriving in Idaho, Silas orders J.J. to say his new name Jacob Jenkins and adds that he and Ava are his new parents. When J.J. angrily refuses, he warns the thug that his father will come get him. Meanwhile, Jack runs into trouble when he asks for a beer at a local bar. Kit the bartender quickly guesses he's a cop.


He's stunned, then, as Carly suddenly appears and claims to be his wife. She convinces Kit that Jack is a fraud. He is no cop. Jack asks Carly to go home and let him handle this but she refuses. Kit later meets Silas and Ava about renting them a place and is suspicious when they introduce Jacob as their adopted son. J.J. tries to slip Kit his school ID, but Ava foils his plan and rips up the ID. Later, Carly finds the torn paper.

Barbara announces to Will and Gwen that Paul is alive, and that while she was visiting him, he actually regained consciousness.


She explains that Paul will return to Oakdale when he's ready and she won't tell Meg, Barbara explains that the woman betrayed her son and doesn't deserve to know. Wherever she goes, Craig goes.

As the World Turns
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