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As the World Turns ...

... the board meeting gets underway, led by Craig.

Lucinda decides to take steps of her own for control by getting the fellow members to agree to a no-confidence vote. Craig claims it's not necessary but Lucinda argues that it's their right to demand one. Craig asks that Meg be allowed to speak, then convinces her to make her case to the board.

But will it work?

Meg mentions the idea of using the company's profits to invest in micro loans overseas to help non-profits, an idea that astounds Lucinda. As Carly shows him J.J.'s torn school ID, Jack urges her to believe that J.J. will still be around.

He offers to call the police and update them while she uses her special talents to win Kit's confidence. Meeting Kit's employee Frank, Carly flirts with him and learns about the arrival of a man, a woman and a kid.

She panics when she learns that the man is a dangerous ex- con. Meanwhile, Jack calls Katie to let her know that her tip was a big help though he adds that Carly is with him. Katie (Terri Colombino) appreciates it when Brad tries to take her mind off her worries for Jack.

After a change in Rosanna's "status," the nurse tries to call Craig. Meg answers his phone and puts the nurse off. Paul happens to take the phone and when he hears Meg's voice, he hesitates and then hangs up on her.

Rosanna's doctor asks "Craig" who Paul is. Told about an experimental drug that may help Rosanna, Paul gives his permission for it to be used.

As the World Turns
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