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Part 1: Noah complains to Luke (Van Hansis) about his "old school" father who wouldn't approve of him attending a party to celebrate a friend's pregnancy. When Alison confronts Maddie in front of Will and Gwen, Maddie apologizes for spreading rumors about Alison. Alison considers admitting she made porn videos in Vegas but Dusty stops her. Will makes an emotional toast to his wife and the baby she's carrying and reminds Dusty that he's the baby's uncle even though Jennifer is gone.

Part 2: Luke invites Maddie and Noah to the farm for a swim. Henry stuns Vienna with the news that she is broke. Knowing how worried he is, Vienna calls Maddie over and tells her about their money problems. Henry's upset when he's too late from stopping a waiter from opening a very expensive champagne Vienna ordered. With Maddie hurrying to see Vienna, Luke swims with Noah at the pond and listens to him complain more about his father. Back at the farmhouse, engaging in some towel play, Noah ends up slipping into Luke's arms. Keeping the boy tied up, Silas gives J.J. a hard time with he refuses to accept that he will never see his real father again.

Part 3: Upset the stove is broken, Ava orders Silas to call Kit to get a repairman to fix it. Hearing Kit on the phone, Carly follows the bar owner to the cabin when she's unable to reach Jack on his cell and spots her son tied up. While Silas drags Ava out for firewood, Carly slips into the shack but before they can escape, Silas returns, axe in hand.

As the World Turns
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