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... As the World Turns ...

Henry gives Vienna a puppy for Christmas. Initially upset because a puppy is a poor substitute for a baby, Vienna falls in love with it.

Bonnie (Chauntee Schuler) finds out her gift to Sarah was returned and was unopened. Dallas is still worried about Bonnie’s relationship with Holden. Noah is welcomed to the farm for Christmas.

Holden and Lily agree to make as nice a Christmas as possible for the kids. Luke (Van Hansis) walks across the kitchen. Holden tells Bonnie about Luke being able to walk again. Bonnie asks if he’s sure he wants to proceed with the divorce. Lily returns and finds Bonnie and Holden together.

Luke and Noah say they love each other.

Sofie realizes how unprepared she is to take care of a baby. Sofie has been called to talk to someone from Social Services. The social services woman tells Sofie she will have to make a decision, soon.

Sofie says she needs to ask Will and Gwen a question, then tells Gwen and Will she will give them her baby.

... Until As the World Turns returns again ...

As the World Turns
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