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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.1.08

Today on As the World Turns, Emma tells Holden and Lily she wants to sell the farm. Holden and Meg give Emma their permission and Emma agrees to let Lucinda buy her farm. Meg reminds that Paul now owns Worldwide. Paul is very interested in purchasing the farm, but Holden insists his sister is not part of it.

Holden is worried about Paul, but Lily insists she’ll keep an eye out for the family’s interests. Gwen tells Will she missed Barbara’s radiation appointment, so Sofie went with her. Gwen tells Will that Sofie agreed to be with Barbara for all of her appointments so that Gwen and Will can leave town.

Barbara wants Paul to help her convince Gwen and Will to leave town. Barbara and Paul descend on Gwen and Will, but they stop them short telling everyone they’ve decided to leave. Barbara offers to throw Will and Gwen a going-away party and Gwen lets her. Carly wonders if Jack would rather be with Katie. Jack says their break-up isn’t about him and Katie, it’s about her. Carly tells Jack he’s the only man in her life.

After pointing out Carly’s conquests, she reminds that Jack’s cheated on her, too.

When Jack points out he didn’t say she was the only woman for him, she slugs him. After reminiscing, they kiss. Katie and Brad go to the movies, each unaware of the other. Brad keeps accidentally kicking Katie’s chair, until she finally turns around and they come face to face.

Brad tells Katie he’s thrown away his little black book because she’s the one he wants to be with. Brad asks if she wants to stop thinking about Jack, but Katie snaps that Jack is out of her life. Brad and Katie blow off the movie and head out to get dinner. Brad takes Katie home.

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