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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on As the World Turns, Holden discovers Lily going through Dusty’s box of mementos and offers to put it in the attic but she refuses. Lily and Holden sympathize with Luke’s dilemma with Noah and Ameera and the INS, but Lily insists they just need a legit reason to spend time together.

Noah insists Ameera join him as an equal and not wait on him and she is charmed. Noah is upset when Luke barges in unannounced. Luke is taken aback at Noah’s reaction but Noah insists they have to be careful about the INS. Luke lays out his movie idea to Noah and Ameera.

They decide to make a film about Ameera’s like in Iraq, but during filming she gets upset.

Luke agrees to pack up and leave and Noah goes to comfort Ameera, as Luke observes the tender moment. Katie is interrupted from watching Brad sleep by Mike’s call – inviting her to breakfast.

Mike confides to Katie he can’t quite accept she’s engaged but she insists she’s found someone to make her happy. Katie insists Mike’s treatment of her with the divorce gave her plenty of closure.

Henry alerts Brad to Mike’s presence being a threat. Brad abruptly joins them for breakfast, staking his claim with Katie by blurting that they’re getting married tomorrow.

Furious Katie argues with Brad about getting married tomorrow. Mike confides to Henry he needs to resolve things with Katie and Henry declares his allegiance to Brad.

Carly awakes, recalling her night of lovemaking with Jack. Carly cozies up to Jack but he pulls back, telling her last night was a mistake. Jack blames himself for drinking too much at Katie & Brad’s engagement party, enraging Carly with the implication that he only slept with her because he was drunk.

Lily counsels Carly to walk away from Jack, or risk being hurt again.

Jack insists he doesn’t want to move out, for the kids’ sake, but doesn’t want to be with Carly either. Jack finds Carly at home and apologizes but Carly cuts him off insisting he can stay but she’s giving up on them.

What happens next? Find out next week on As the World Turns!

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