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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Parker questions Jack about sleeping on the couch, Carly insists he tell their son the truth. Jack refuses so Carly claims that Jack refuses to forgive her for what she's done.

When Jack leaves the kids while he stops by the station house, Carly blasts Jack for not making time for them and slaps him when he accuses her of being upset because he won't sleep with her. Carly returns home and finds Sage crying after her brothers told her their parents aren't getting back together.

Kim warns Brad that the show's numbers are down so he suggests a wedding might help. Margo meets with the minister about Katie and Brad's wedding and is furious when Brad shows later but the bride fails to show. Upset when he sends her a small angel as a gift with a note addressed to "Angel," Katie meets Mike.

Near the pond at the farm, she asks him to stop calling her Angel and adds that she doesn't want a wedding gift from him. Mike points out that she still cares about him but she reminds him he walked out on her.

As she walks away, Katie trips and falls into the pond.

Mike apologizes for sending the divorce papers in the mail but Katie will only agree to be friends. He follows her back to her hotel room where he bursts in and kisses her.

Angry, Katie orders him to get out but he warns that marrying Brad is a mistake.

She asks him to stop treating her "like a slut." Later, when Katie admits she was with Mike, Margo decides that she can't support her marrying Brad because she's still hung up on Mike.

Lisa encourages Mike not to give up on Katie. Meanwhile, Katie tells Kim and Brad that she loves the idea of getting married on the TV show. Until next time on As the World Turns ...

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