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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on As the World Turns ...

Mike thinks Katie still has feelings for him and thinks he can stop Katie and Brad’s wedding. Katie plans to ask Vienna to be her maid of honor, but learns she has the chicken pox. Desperate, Katie asks Henry to reconsider being Brad’s best man so he can be her male maid of honor. Jack tells Katie he’ll be Brad’s best man.

Brad asks Mike to be his best man. Mike can’t believe Brad is asking him to be his best man, but agrees. Katie realizes that three of her ex-husbands will be in the wedding party. Carly is furious when Jack shows up to fix the security system at Metro. Carly is having trouble dealing with Jack’s rejection. A distraught Carly comes looking for Lily and breaks down and Holden’s not sure how to comfort her.

Carly is surprised that Holden understands what it feels like to be rejected. Holden is upset that Lily didn’t tell him she was going to the cemetery to visit Dusty’s grave. Lucinda can’t understand why Holden is jealous of Dusty now that Dusty’s dead. Lucinda advises Lily to work on her problems with Holden before it’s too late. Lily returns from the cemetery looking for Holden.

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