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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4/18/08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Paul asks for Sofie’s advice on sweeping Meg off her feet. Sofie suggests Paul take Meg up in a hot air balloon. Paul arranges the balloon ride for Meg, making Sofie jealous.

Mike confesses to Meg his upset that he and Katie are over.

The balloon guy arrives, causing confusion. Unaware that Paul ordered the balloon, Mike suggests he and Meg take the balloon ride for themselves. Meg and Mike float away as Paul arrives, too late.

Casey and Luke prepare to shoot Noah carrying Ameera across the threshold.

Ameera surprises Noah with a kiss as he carries her across the threshold. Uncomfortable, Luke calls a lunch break. Ameera is jealous of Noah and Luke, and Casey calls her on it. He asks Ameera to decide whether he should remain part of the “foursome” or not.

Luke heads him off, urging him to stay, that maybe something will develop with Ameera. Casey tells Luke that Ameera is after Noah. Luke tells Noah the situation with Ameera, but Noah refuses to believe it. He declares his love for Luke, only to back away from him as Ameera enters causing hurt Luke to leave.

Alison and Chris run into Emily, then ignore her. Emily confronts Chris, who puts her in her place, then goes to Sofie. Chris inquires after Sofie, and then suggests she, Aaron, Ali and himself double date. Chris praises Alison’s care of Barbara and asks her to dinner with Sofie and Aaron.

Aaron doesn’t trust Chris, doesn’t want to have dinner with him, but Sofie changes his mind. Emily walks in on Alison trying on dresses for Chris, and accuses Alison of being a slut. Chris convinces Alison not to take Emily’s insults to heart, and buys her the dress.

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