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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Paul angrily confronts Meg and Mike after they jump out of "his" hot air balloon and accuses Mike of stealing his idea. Mike and Meg explain what happened and Meg resents it when Paul refuses to calm down.

After he storms off, Mike and Meg are surprised to be handed a champagne picnic that came with the balloon ride. Chris announces to Alison, Sofie and Aaron that he hopes they can clear the air and be friends.

Chris and Aaron exchange words about what Alison wants in a career. Sofie can't stop looking at Paul when he sits at the Lakeview Bar for a drink. She finally lies about wanting to call the hospital about Barbara and approaches Paul.

Following him back to Fairwinds, he tells her about the balloon fiasco and she responds by badmouthing Meg. But when Meg suddenly appears, Paul kicks Sofie out. Meg asks him to stop trying so hard. Her demeanor changes when he asks about her relationship with Mike.

She points out he's been spending a lot of time with Sofie and he laughs at the idea. When Sofie returns to dinner and starts defending Paul to Chris, Aaron decides it's time to go home.

But first, he blasts Sofie for lying to him.

Jack accompanies a nervous Carly to the farm for the dinner with Lily and Holden. Unable to find a beer, Carly starts drinking from a bottle of Emma's elderberry wine which the others later pronounce as "bad."

When Carly and Jack decide the dinner isn't working, Lily tells Jack he's being stupid.

As she goes on and on, Holden finally stops her. As Holden pours more wine, Jack suggests Carly's had enough but she tells him it's no concern of his.

As the dinner continues, Carly become louder and ruder until she walks out. Holden calms her down and then Carly and Jack go home because the babysitter is running a fever.

As Holden cleans up, he finds the bag of mementos that Lily hid.

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