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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Though Chris is excited that she got in to nursing school, Alison explains that she won't be going if she can't come up with the tuition.

He insists she call Emily to sign the paper allowing her access to the money Dusty left her. When Casey leaks to Margo that he got fired from the Lakeview Bar, she suggests he go back to college.

Emily interrupts and later, after he compliments her on being a good mother to Daniel, she offers Casey a job as her assistant. When she refuses to see Alison as long as Chris is with her, Chris bursts past Casey and asks Emily why she's treating Alison this way.

Casey makes him leave and, after Emily signs the document Alison needs, she congratulates her. Casey lectures Emily about the way she treats people but agrees to keep working for her.

Holden confronts Lily about the mementos she hid from him. She tries to deny hiding them but he reminds her where he found them and asks why she finds it so hard to be honest with him.

She claims it's due to the mistakes which put their family at risk.

Holden assures her that he doesn't want a divorce but does insist that she stop lying. Lucinda suggests that Lily go spend some time with Iva. Katie hops into bed, ready for sex but when he can't find the condoms, Brad tells his new wife that they can't.

She worries that he doesn't want kids and announces that they won't have sex anymore. As she complains to Margo about her husband, Brad finds her at the station house and carries her back to the Lakeview.

He assures her that he does want kids with her. Carly somberly orders Jack to move out because this arrangement isn't working for the kids.

She runs to the farm to cry to Lily but ends up comforting Holden as he cries about Lily's departure.

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