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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Noah pulls back from Ameera's kiss and tells her that he's not attracted to her. After she runs off, Noah calls Luke who rushes over and is surprised to hear about the kiss. Luke assures him he's done nothing wrong.

When Ameera packs her things and decides to go back to Iraq, Luke insists she stay and offers to move in with them. Mike announces to Meg that if Paul stays on the farm project, he's out.

Asking him to stay, Meg boasts that she told Paul she never wants to see him again but he doesn't believe her, comparing her to his relationship with Katie. Sophie tries to calm an upset Paul and points out that he doesn't make Meg happy.

Refusing to leave, she assures him that she's there for him. Telling him that he's Tom Hughes' son, Casey manages to calm the deranged Judge Burke down and after Margo orders the judge placed under arrest, she tells her son to come home with her.

Casey insists that he's staying because he works for Emily. After a heated mother/son argument, Emily solves the problem by firing Casey. Brad tries to stop Katie from running to check on Mike and points out how she always cares too much for the other guy.

Katie reconsiders but runs to the Lakeview anyway and joins Mike at the bar. She assures him he shouldn't feel bad about what happened. Mike tells her he's glad she's happy now that she's married and asks her to pretend nothing happened today.

Katie returns to Brad who has been seeking solace from Henry and Vienna. Paul stops by the farm and insists on seeing Meg. Holden grabs a gun but Meg eventually chases Paul off. He returns to Fairwinds where Sophie suggests that Meg will calm down and take him back.

Meg tells Mike she's looking forward to working with him. A fresh-faced teenager named Liberty stops by the diner, looking for a place to stay and tells Henry she's meeting her friend Brad Snyder.

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