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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Holden's against it when Luke announces that he's moving in with Noah and Ameera. When he arrives with his things, Ameera quickly gives up the bedroom. Noah assures Luke that he wants him to stay but when they're alone in he bedroom, Luke can't relax knowing that Ameera is in the living room and decides this was a mistake.

Katie and Brad wake up and are about to have sex when Katie reminds him that Liberty is sleeping on a nearby couch. They take her to the diner for breakfast where they introduce her to Jack and Parker. As she runs to the bathroom, Parker admits she's the person responsible for his accident yesterday. Katie discovers that Liberty has run off.

Jack interrogates Brad about his possible daughter but when he suspects that Brad knew all along and lied so he could have Katie, Brad denies it and Katie orders Jack to back off. Jack hints to Brad that Katie's upset about the girl but Brad screams at him to stay out of it.

Later, Katie's not pleased when Brad changes his mind about sending the girl back to her mother. Holden plays the hero when Carly can't get her car started. He offers to take her and Sage on a road trip tomorrow to look at a camp for her daughter. Meg's amused when Paul admits he has an appointment with a therapist.

Admitting he's out of control, he claims he's doing this for her sake but she insists that she can't guarantee anything about a relationship in the future. As he becomes angry, Mike arrives so Meg leaves with him. Sofie tries to help Paul when she finds him upset at Fairwinds.

She tells him to forget about Meg if she can't appreciate him and then kisses him. Paul responds. Meg arrives later and finds Paul kissing a half-naked Sophie.

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