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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.30.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Disgusted to see Paul kissing a half-naked Sofie, Meg runs from Fairwinds chased by an apologetic Paul. She hides out in Mike's room at the Lakeview. Paul pounds on the door, asking for her forgiveness.

Mike calls security to have him kicked out. Kim is worried when Chris admits that he's got his eyes on Alison again. Reminding him they were supposed to have dinner with Bob, Kim asks him to bring Alison along.

She panics upon hearing who will be at the table with them, Chris convinces Alison to join them for dinner and claims it was Kim's idea to invite her.

But when they sit down, Kim quickly warns her not to have the same man troubles that Susan does. After Kim apologizes, Alison acts quickly to save a man who is choking, impressing, Bob, Kim and Casey.

Alison's uncomfortable when Chris invites her up to his room for dessert. Margo calls Casey about visiting with Matt before he's shipped back to prison. Casey refuses but then agrees after Emily insists he see his friend.

But before he leaves, Emily plants a recorder in his coat pocket. Matt apologizes to Casey and warns that he's too trusting. Casey finds the voice-activated recorder and Margo guesses it was a surprise from Emily.

When she arrives in response to a call from Paul, Casey blasts Emily for tricking him. Emily refuses to bail out Paul so he calls Sofie. Mike brings Meg to the station house to seek a restraining order against Paul.

As Paul confronts Meg and demands to be heard, Sofie arrives to bail Paul out. Paul tells Meg that his relationship with Sofie means nothing. Back at Fairwinds, a hurt Sofie points out to Paul that Meg will never allow him back in her life.

She adds that she loves him so they start kissing again. Emily cancels her dinner plans with Casey when she sees Alison is having dinner with Chris and his parents. Casey follows her to Yo's where he cheers her up again.

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