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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.4.08

Today on As the World Turns, Alison guilts Chris into coming to Will and Gwen’s goodbye party. Resistant Casey agrees to be Luke’s date when he sees Ameera is coming to the party. Aaron urges Sofie to come to Will and Gwen’s party to say goodbye to Hallie. Jack and Parker offer to accompany upset Carly to Will and Gwen’s.

Meanwhile Barbara is about to knock but almost faints as Paul approaches. Barbara assures concerned Paul she’s just upset about Will and Gwen leaving. Barbara makes her excuse to leave the party early and says her final goodbye to Will and Gwen, almost collapsing as she leaves.

Aaron, Alison and Chris arrive at Will and Gwen’s and Chris apologizes to Will and Gwen. Aaron confronts annoyed Alison about whether she’s back with Chris. Sofie has an emotional goodbye with Hallie. Noah, Luke, Ameera and Casey fill Will and Gwen in about the INS scrutiny and Gwen gets an idea - Noah and Ameera should take their place in Lucinda’s cottage Luke agrees, if Casey will still pretend to be his boyfriend.

Alone, Will admits he’ll miss their friends and family but they toast their future life together. Chris and Allison bond over disappointing their parents and Chris whisks her away to forget their troubles. Alison and Chris discuss places they’ve been in the past few years but Alison changes the subject when her life in LA comes up. Carly wants to be more than friends but Jack insists that’s the place to start and Carly agrees to try.

Carly thanks Jack for coming after her and he suggested that share a beer and watch the sunset. Parker observes his parents together. Sofie realizes Barbara is in bad shape and insists on taking her to the hospital. When Barbara has to have emergency surgery for her tumor, she begs Sofie not to tell Will or Paul.

Sofie tells Paul that Barbara is in surgery and they rush to the hospital.

The doctor reports that Barbara came through her surgery well Paul heads in to see Barbara when Aaron arrives and Paul urges him to take Sofie to get something eat.

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As the World Turns
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