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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on As the World Turns, Jack learns that Brad and Katie are engaged again.

He and Carly are getting back on track but adds that he's still not sure if he can trust Carly. When Brad interrupts, Jack tells him that he can't make it to the party.

Brad calls him a chump and a wet blanket. Margo urges him to bury his pride and attend the party to help Brad and Katie. Mike stops by WOAK to find Katie but the makeup lady tells him he's too early.

Looking to invite the Snyder family to tonight's engagement party at Tom and Margo's, Katie heads out to the farm where she gives Lily the details. Carly guesses Katie's there to find Jack and then is elated to hear that she and Brad are engaged.

Katie invites her to come to the party tonight with Jack. As Carly boasts to Lily about how fantastic this is, Lily warns that Mike may throw a wrench in Katie's marriage plans. Later, Carly plays dumb when Jack asks if she'd like to attend tonight's party with him.

She's thrilled until Jack suggests they bring Parker with them. The WOAK makeup artist tells Katie about a handsome stranger who came looking for her and offers to draw a sketch of him.

Upset when he's unable to reach Mike, Paul speaks to the zoning board about his plans for the changes at the farm. The commissioners are unimpressed when Paul's unable to answer any of their questions.

Mike arrives and convinces the board to state that they intend to okay their plans. When Paul blasts him for being late, Mike announces that he's leaving town.

Meg guesses it's because of Katie and after he leaves, Meg tells Paul that it's up to him to convince Mike to stay in Oakdale. Arguing that Emma trusts him, Paul convinces Mike to stay.

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