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As the World Turns
August 1, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Alison tells Aaron about finding Chris naked and confused in the on-call room, Aaron guesses it was deliberate.

Alison disagrees and, as she fingers the bracelet she's wearing, complains again about her inability to think things through.

Hearing an odd "compound" was found in his blood, Chris lies to his dad about any changes in his condition.

Aaron interrupts and blasts him for appearing naked in front of Alison. At the hospital Susan warns Alison that she got a "C-" on her latest exam and urges her to consider withdrawing.

Chris runs into Alison and blasts her for running to Aaron. Alison demands that he stop stalking her. He overhears her leaving a message for Aaron, worried that her life is falling apart.

Alison runs to the Snyder pond and as she fingers the bracelet she's wearing, she sudenly walks into the water.

Chris sees her go under and jumps in to save her. He wants to take her to the hospital but she asks that he not tell anyone what's happened.

Aaron spots Chris carrying Alison in the elevator and calls Margo who arrests Chris. Chris insists Alison be tested. Meg puts on the necklace again and imagines hearing music.

Paul suggests he take her in for a check up with Susan but Meg insists she's fine. At the Lakeview Meg suddenly feels dizzy which Aaron notices. Meg guesses it's due to the heat.

Meg then complains to Emma about the "dreams" she's been having. Emma blames Paul. Hearing from a waiter who saw Meg talking with no one, Barbara guesses Meg needs professional help but Paul doesn't believe her.

He and Meg are together at Fairwinds where a vision of Sofie urges Meg to kill Paul. Margo boasts to Emily that she's hoping Casey will get sick of her and be done with her without her help.

Emily suddenly stumbles which causes Margo to make a comment. Margo asks what she'll do when Casey starts comparing his "old lady" with his friends younger girlfriends.

Seeing Casey with another student, Emily interrupts and asks Casey to marry her right now. The two tie the knot in a clerk's office.

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