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As the World Turns
August 11, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Margo reports to Chris and Bob the facts regarding Rick's role in causing the deadly illnesses at the hospital.

Aaron is frustrated when a guard won't allow him into the hospital because of the quarantine. At the station house with Barbara and Paul, Rick demands a helicopter and a million dollars or he won't give them the antidote.

Margo interrupts and sends Barbara and Paul out, staying behind to tell Rick that she has foiled his plans.

He counters that if she has, there will be many deaths on her hands while he'll just be sentenced to yet another life term in prison.

Margo relents and agrees to send him to the hospital but orders that he be taken into custody after he's created the antidote.

At the hospital, he overcomes his guard and then runs into Susan.

He apologizes for what has happened to Emily and Alison and then shows off what he claims is the antidote. Rick the grabs her and kisses her but when she pushes him away and slaps him, he injects her and then runs off.

Barbara's brought to the station house and when she opens her briefcase to reveal a million dollars, Margo orders the money impounded. Told Paul's flying a helicopter to memorial, Margo rushes to the helipad.

There, Rick sees her and runs back inside where he grabs Meg. Meanwhile, Chris develops an antidote and injects it into himself.

With Tom by their bedside and afraid they're dying, Emily pleads with Tom to give their marriage his blessing, for Casey's sake. He does and promises not to tell Daniel about her sordid past.

Chris discovers his antidote works but finds Rick holding Alison and Meg at gunpoint. When Margo and Paul find them, Rick admits his antidote is a fake. Just then, Tom suffers a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Aaron slips through the hospital's ventilation system.

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As the World Turns
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