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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Alison thanks Chris for saving her life and he offers to take her home. She thanks him but leaves on her own.

Carly's shocked to find Neal at her door. Neal wonders if they might have another chance and invites her out to lunch.

However, Mike calls about a problem with the project at the farm. Mike shows Neal the report about dangerous toxins deep in the soil which endangers the entire project.

Later, Carly tells Mike that Lily's filing for divorce. Casey confronts Emily at her desk and asks why she's shutting him out.

Emily claims that she was out of her mind when they got married and calls what she did irrational. She points out her "lousy track record" when it comes to marriage and insists that neither of them are ready.

Casey later confides in an amused Chris about how difficult Emily can be. He returns to her office where Emily agrees to give their marriage a chance.

Lily lays into Holden for failing to call her about Aaron being shot.

When Aaron wakes and sees them together, he lectures them that the shooting made him realize how important family is.

He later confesses to Alison that he loves her and promises that he always will. When Holden admits that he moved to the Lakeview, Lily lashes out that it will make it easier for him to meet Carly.

Later at home, Lily opens up to Mike about her failed marriage and after he points out how beautiful she is, Lily kisses him and invites him to have sex.

Meanwhile, Carly shows up at Holden's room but then suggests she shouldn't be there. Holden presses her to believe they can be together.

The two fall onto the bed, kissing, until Carly suddenly decides this is wrong and walks out.

Asking why she won't let him take her home, Chris asks Alison if she trusts him. She admits she does but asks him for space.

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