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As the World Turns Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on As the World Turns:

Mike advises Paul that he needs the money to hire a new soil specialist. Derek confronts Paul about Emily's damaging article on the Intruder and demands his money back.

Emily is suspicious when Casey claims that his mother is so impressed with the story she did that she has invited her to dinner.

Margo's shocked to see Dani going through her files at the station house to collect crime report statistics and downplays her new job, ordering her to get out.

Upset, Dani complains to Casey and Emily.

Casey takes the complaint to Tom who offers to handle it for him. Instead, Margo lashes out at her son and then Emily, reminding her that she knows about her nights as an "escort."

Outraged, Emily brings the mayor to force Margo to allow Dani to work there. When Casey asks how she got the mayor's help, Emily won't tell him.

When Faith is upset to find Lily going out for dinner with "a friend," Holden refuses to babysit. As they argue, Faith offers to watch Natalie but chastises her parents for arguing yet again.

Feeling guilty, Holden offers to stay. Lily meets Mike for lunch but can't get her mind off her troubles at home.

Though she insists she and Holden have no feelings for each other, Mike reminds her that he doesn't want to get in the middle of her marital problems.

Paul interrupts and asks Lily for a loan. She seeks Holden's advice and he urges her not to put any money into the farm even if it's for Emma.

After Lily gives Paul the bad news, Barbara urges Paul to tell Meg the truth. But when he comes home and finds she's pregnant, he changes his mind.

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