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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As As the World Turns gets underway, Liberty figures out that Janet never told Brad that she and Jack gave her and Parker permission to spend time together as long as a parent was present.

A frantic Paul tells Mike that he has never been behind on paying any bills and threatens to sue anyone they hired who doesn't do their job.

Paul accompanies Meg to her appointment with Dr. Schiller and learns some good news about the baby.

When Emma calls to report someone is at the farm asking for money, he leaves Meg behind and hurries to the farm where he is relieved to discover it's not Derek.

Back at the hospital, Meg suffers a stomach pain.

Derek offers his help and because she recognizes him from Paul, she accepts his help. Later, Paul panics when he sees Derek has brought Meg home.

He orders him to stay away from her but Derek hints that Paul better take care of Meg and their baby. At WOAK, Brad and Katie argue about how badly their scheme failed with Liberty and Parker.

She resents it when he reminds her that Liberty is not her daughter. Brad apologizes and the two head out to find Liberty to apologize to her.

At the car wash, Brad is outraged to learn what Jack and Janet have agreed and tells Janet that from now on, he's in charge of Liberty.

Janet squirts him with the hose which leads to a water fight. Embarrassed, Liberty and Parker run back to Katie and Brad's where Parker worries about her parents catching them.

Janet sends Parker home leaving Brad to talk with Liberty. Unimpressed with his apology, she warns her father that she's made it this far without a father.

Carly's touched to hear Jack advising their son to respect Liberty and protect her reputation. But when Jack leaves with Janet, Carly feels alone.

What happens next? Find out next week on As the World Turns ...

As the World Turns
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