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As the World Turns
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Alison receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the hospital, she assumes they're from Aaron and thanks him.

Aaron discovers Chris sent them. Dani invites Chris out to dinner but he turns her down, admitting he has feelings for someone else.

She guesses it's Alison but can't convince him to realize he's fighting a losing cause. Getting a text message supposedly from Alison, Chris hurries to the Lakeview.

Casey's angry when Emily explains that she's not bringing him to the engagement party for Alison and Aaron.

He complains to Dani who finds out about the party and realizes Chris doesn't know. Upset Lily and Mike are taking the girls out again, Luke bursts into the house and demands to take the kids for the night.

He complains that she's bringing a man into their lives and that Mike will eventually leave. Hearing about the engagement party for Aaron and Alison, Lily offers to drop the girls off and the two apologize for their anger.

But when Aaron invites her to stay, she and Holden argue about why she feels a need to be there. As the first toast of the night is made, Chris ignores Susan's request that he leave and hears about the engagement.

Feeling sorry for him, Alison catches up with Chris and apologizes when she realizes how Aaron tricked him. She's taken aback when he admits he thought they had a chance to be together.

Aaron asks Alison why she's so concerned about a man she claims she wants nothing to do with. Later, they exchange apologies as she assures him she loves only him.

Dani tries to take Chris back to her room but he's not interested.

In front of Lucinda, Brian assures Luke and Noah that he has no problem with them being gay. When Lucinda later advises them that Brian's offered to take her camping and mushroom hunting, they both worry about his agenda.

He confronts them about their suspicions and assures them he's thrilled to be working at the foundation.

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