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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
August 29, 2008

On Friday's As the World Turns ...

Hearing Holden wants Aaron to put off the wedding, Emma accuses him of saying this because his own marriage failed.

Alison apologizes to Chris for Aaron's trick. Chris confirms that he sent the flowers because he thought he still had a chance with her.

Aaron arrives as Chris walks away and Alison assures him that he's a good guy. Alison then suggests that they get married next week.

Mike arrives at Lily's with a collection of items for his weekend with her and the kids. Aaron and Holden arrive to ask Lily about using the house for the wedding and find Mike with her and the kids.

Lily agrees and Mike offers to help. Alison is uncomfortable when she and Chris end up close together while helping a patient. Jack gets Dallas to give him an hour to find Liberty's real attacker.

At the scene of the attack, Jack, Carly and Parker search the area and find her purse with the brownie bag inside.

Jack smells the bag and rushes it back to the station house where Dallas agrees to have it tested for marijuana.

Parker denies that Liberty knew the brownies where drugged.

At the hospital Katie tries to convince a crying Janet that she is to blame for the rape. When Brad arrives, Janet announces that she's taking Liberty back to Michigan.

With Dallas and Jack present, Dr. Schiller reports Liberty was not sexually assaulted. Jack is taken aback when Janet claims everyone knows Parker has "issues" and is obviously guilty.

Questioned by Jack, Liberty remembers Leo gave her the brownies and that he later attacked her. Though Katie and Jack urge him to let the police handle it, Brad slips away from Katie and finds Leo.

To scare him, Brad throws him into the reservoir but the teen doesn't surface. Parker apologizes to Carly for the way he's been treating her lately.

Until next week on As the World Turns ...

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