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As the World Turns
August 4, 2008

Today on As the World Turns:

Chris assures Bob that he had nothing to do with what happened to Alison at the pond and insists he saved Alison's life.

He convinces his father to let him see the test results for Alison and points out that she too has an unnamed mystery compound, similar to the one he had in his blood.

Alison thanks Aaron for all he has done to protect her from Chris but after she dons her bracelet again, she becomes agitated and overheated.

Margo warns Susan that Chris stated that Alison jumped into the water and didn't come up until he pulled her up.

Susan can't believe Alison would try to kill herself.

Casey is devastated when Emily wakes after their first session in bed as husband and wife and doesn't remember marrying him.

She insists on leaving St. Louis and flying back to Oakdale where they go their separate ways.

Later, as Margo chastises Emily for how she hurt her son, Emily collapses.

After seeing Emily, Susan tells Bob and Chris that she thinks Emily is not faking her symptoms. Chris convinces Bob to have him reinstated to help solve this mystery.

Brad drives Liberty to a friend's cabin and announces this is his version of boot camp for her.

Though she fights him on the idea of having fun together, she eventually falls into line after she catches their dinner in the nearby lake.

After Brad calls Katie to assure her and the others that he and Liberty are fine, Janet argues with Jack about leaving them alone.

She accuses him of okaying Liberty's "kidnaping" because it will keep Liberty away from Parker.

Katie slips away and finds the cabin. She's amused to see Liberty and Brad connecting and actually having fun.

Jack and Janet reconnect at the diner while Parker decides to take a bus to rescue his friend at Half Moon Lake.

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