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As the World Turns
August 6, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Brad asks Jack to keep Parker away from Liberty.

When Janet finds them talking about her daughter, she lays into Brad for going behind her back again.

Jack convinces them both that they have to find the right way to tell Parker that he and Liberty cannot be together.

They bring the two teens together and explain why they must agree not to be together unless they are supervised.

Parker quickly refuses to go along with the request but Liberty agrees with the idea so Parker runs out. Later, Parker blurts out that he loves her after she confirms that she meant what she said.

Hurt by her, Parker tells a surprised Jack he'll attend the tennis camp in Chicago. At the studio, Katie advises Brad that Liberty is relieved by the decision.

Aaron is outraged to find that not only is Chris back on staff, he's been appointed Alison's doctor.

Chris tries to take her blood but is stabbed by the needle he used.

Bob orders his son to stay away from her but Chris insists he's not giving up on the case. Later, Chris becomes violent and attacks Aaron.

Bob orders his son drugged and announces that Chris is suffering from the same thing Alison has. Also, at the hospital, Casey visits with Emily who is released and douses herself with the special perfume to rid herself of that terrible hospital odor.

Back at the office, Emily suddenly jumps Casey and the two have sex.

Afterwards, Casey worries about his wife when he notices Emily's eyes are glazed and her face is flushed. He insists on taking her back to the hospital.

There, Casey becomes angry at Susan and throws her out of the examination room. He then barricades themselves in the room but security removes him while Susan worries about her daughter.

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As the World Turns
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