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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
August 7, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Holden confirms to Luke that Lily wants a divorce but Luke urges him not to give up on Lily.

When Holden stops by the house and peeks inside, Lily catches sight of him and starts flirting with Mike to upset her estranged husband.

Holden enters and after Mike leaves, asks Lily to forget about the idea of a divorce. When she points out she's still sickened by what he has done, Holden leaves.

Mike confronts Lily about using him to make Holden upset and asks that their friendship remain just that. Carly approaches Henry about taking more time away from the club because of her kids and he okays it.

Surprised to hear him assure Carly that Vienna won't complain, Henry confides to Bonnie that Vienna has left him.

Henry's astounded to see her shady client Mr. Lansing hand her an envelope filled with cash as payment for services rendered.

When she complains about defending criminals, he suggests she quit and offers her a job. Worried about Mike's interest in Lily, Holden asks Carly to convince Mike to stay away from Lily.

Carly does so and Mike assures her that he and Lily are just friends.

Lily arrives for the lunch she arranged. Mike states again that they can only be friends and urges her to give Holden another chance.

Lily runs to the farm and finds Holden embracing Carly, unaware he's just thanking her for talking to Mike. Meg wakes and is startled to find the hand gun in her bed.

Grabbing the necklace, she's tormented by another vision of Sofie but manages to tell "her" that she will not kill Paul.

However, when she dresses, she puts the necklace back on. She pulls a gun on Paul to stop him for taking her to see Dr. Michaels.

Paul grabs the gun and then calls for help getting her to the hospital where she panics to find she's in the psyche ward.

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